Movie Review: Saw

My first attempt at a proper movie review. I’ve done others since this, which are longer and better but this is the first for one of my favourite movies. Saw is the movie that really started or at least popularised the idea of body horror. Where movies before it, such as Friday the 13th and […]

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A Year of Firsts

I know it’s only February, but I already feel like I’m heading towards something, some magnificent achievement that can finally help me start living like an actual normal person. NormalĀ isĀ overrated, you say. Yes, well, I’d rather be closer to normal than spending the rest of my life stuck in my house with only my parents […]

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First Blog Post

This is my first ever time trying to write a blog post. I’ve thought about it before but never really knew how to start or what to say, but here I am, actually trying something new. My name is Zara, I’m 23-year-old, I live in England and I have Asperger’s. For anyone who might not […]

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